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Tefl сертификат в москве

About the CELTA course The CELTA Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages is the tefl сертификат в москве widely recognised initial qualification for those wishing to follow a career in TEFL Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Cambridge English Language Assessment, a division at the University of Cambridge, holds responsibility for validation and certification of the courses as well as approves the tutors who run BKC-International House Moscow's CELTA courses. An external assessor for each course is provided by Cambridge. The CELTA course aims This is a highly practical course that provides training in the teaching of English as a foreign language to adults. CELTA aims to provide teachers with a firm foundation on which they can build with experience. The CELTA course presents a view of the principles underlying language teaching and deals extensively with the analysis of English from a learner's perspective. Candidates, who successfully complete the Cambridge CELTA Tefl сертификат в москве receive the Cambridge Certificate and a certificate-report from BKC IH-Moscow. The report describes the candidate's performance in some detail and serves as a useful reference for employment. Useful websites for more information about CELTA and other Cambridge courses: and. For more informal feedback on the course, please check our and pages. CELTA Course structure Tefl сертификат в москве BKC-International House Moscow the full-time CELTA course runs for four weeks 120 hours, Monday - Friday, 12:30 - 20. It can also be taken part-time over 10 weeks two work days, 13:00 - 22. Input session Input sessions are often held in the form of a workshop or interactive lecture. Teaching practice and Observation Teaching practice tefl сертификат в москве a major component of the CELTA course and takes place every evening. The programme is closely related to work done during the seminar sessions. Small groups the maximum is six obtain practical experience through working with classes at different tefl сертификат в москве. After each teaching practice session the lessons are discussed with tefl сертификат в москве tutor. CELTA Trainees must liase with other members of their group outside course hours in order to produce a series of cohesive lessons. The observation of practising teachers is an intrinsic part of the course and takes place outside tefl сертификат в москве hours. Additional work outside CELTA course hours Liasing with other course participants for timetabling and lesson planning. Observation of a class at BKC-IH Moscow Optional viewing of teacher training videos. Occasional homework assignments related to input seminars. We emphasise that this CELTA course is very intensive. It demands full commitment from participants over the duration of the course. After your CELTA course BKC-IH Moscow is highly interested in employing successful CELTA graduates.

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